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The Latest "At The Circle K"!!

The last Sunday of every month, we showcase live music as performed by some of the areas finest musicians. We call the show Live From Kiss The Sky. Some have suggested that it is a cross between Austin City Limits and Live From Darrell's House. For sure, it is designed to be a listening experience and not a night out on the town at the local neighborhood bar ... not that that's a bad thing, because it ain't.

The last Sunday of every month, we showcase live music as performed by some of the areas finest musicians. We call the show Live From Kiss The Sky. Some have suggested that it is a cross between Austin City Limits and Live From Darrell's House. For sure, it is designed to be a listening experience and not a night out on the town at the local neighborhood bar ... not that that's a bad thing, because it ain't.

And, every now and then, when the opportunity presents itself, we stage an album release party or a special one-off performance. Sometimes, touring bands will get in touch with us and want to do an in-store. Such was the case last Monday night, when the Grayces out of Nashville dropped by for a last minute awesome performance.

Below is a listing of shows for the rest of this month ... as of right now, our LFKTS shows are booked through next February with Jim Morris playing on 11-23, Paragon on 1-25-15 and Noah's Arcade takes the stage on 2-22-15. There are a couple of things in the works for both March and April.

There won't be a show in December, however, we are talking with a couple of middle schools in the area about having their choral groups perform on Saturdays during December. We'll keep you posted on all of this.

As always, check us out on Facebook ... more often than not, any music events taking place here at the store are so noted on our Facebook Page while we also tend to create Facebook Events for the shows.


The KTS Music Variety Show

The KTS Music Variety Show is a show that is currently airing on ACTV in Aurora on Tuesday and Thursday nights, from 9pm until 11pm. The show first aired in December of 2013. At the moment, we are playing past Live From Kiss The Sky shows. In the very near future, we will change the format of the show to be a four part two hour show. Check out the show's web page under the 'Variety Show' link for more details.

The Spectators
Friday, October 25th 8pm until 10pm
$5 Cover ($3 if wearing a costume)

The Spectators, in concert, for a rare and very special Halloween celebration and performance. Trent de la Cruz will be opening for them. Costumes are very much encouraged ... in fact, wearing one will get you a discount on the cover charge.
As is the case with all Kiss The Sky shows, the proceeds from the cover charge all go the artists performing.

Ed Anderson
Record Release Show
Saturday, October 26th 8pm until 10pm
$10 Cover

Ed Anderson, formerly of Backyard Tire Fire, and now of solo fame and fortune, will be performing tunes from his new release, and tunes from the past as well. This show will be his last in the Midwest until he returns in the Spring.
For those of you not familiar with Kiss The Sky, our "Are You Experienced Stage" is located in the comfy confines of our Cloud 9 Thrift Shop at the south end of the record store. Seating for about 50 is available while there is room for another 50 or so to stand in close proximity to the stage.
A professional sound and lighting system ensure that the experience is enjoyable and memorable.

October 26th from 7-9pm
$5 Cover

In a special Halloween Party Show, CattleProd! is planning a unique and appropriate surprise for this LFKTS event. Patrons are encouraged to dress up in their favorite Halloween attire. A $100 KTS Gift Certificate will be awarded to the "best" outfit as voted on by members of the band and KTS staff. Prizes will be awarded to the second and third best as well. Stay tuned for more info as it leaks from the bowels of CattleProd's crypt.

To Be Announced

To Be Announced

To Be Announced

Saturday Morning Cafe

In addition to the once a month Live From Kiss The Sky Sunday night shows, we also feature live music every Saturday morning from10:30am until noon. The music tends to be a little bit more chill as compared to the Sunday night shows. We also offer up some gourmet coffee and tea, which is on the house. And, our good friend and most excellent baker, Kellie Myers, provides a different sampling of some of her finest concoctions out of the ovens of her Bee's Knees Bakery. Rarely is there a morsel left at the end of the show.

And, not to be out done, we have all of our used vinyl, compact discs and dvd's on sale from 10am until noon. If you purchase two used items (of any format and combination thereof), you can have a third for free!!! Buy two, get a third for free!

So ... every Saturday morning, with a blip in the schedule here and there:

Live Music ... Eat Treats ... Sale

The Trifecta!!!


Dave Ramont

David Alan Ramont was born in IL one muggy, August Tuesday with a song stuck in his head. The doctors couldn't get it out. (He was also left-handed but they couldn't fix that either.) He picked up guitar early on (11?) -probably to get that song out of his head.

After whacking away in various bands through high school he began writing songs and playing gigs around the Chicago area- solo, full band and everything in between. Through the years he also taught at a music school, played in the pit for theatre productions, did recording session work, and also plenty of ditch digging, paint scraping and weed pulling.

After releasing his first CD "Toaster Reflection" he moved to Austin, TX for a time. The Austin Chronicle said "The world could always use another quality singer/songwriter with meaty lyrics, gritty vocals, and a tight back-up band." He began recieving airplay on (mostly) public & college radio.

Back in IL he recorded the rootsier, darker "Scofflaws". The Illinois Entertainer said "...unlike many simplistic roots-revivalists, Ramont isn't afraid to mix things up...gorgeously unexpected accordions and cellos pop up on this wonderfully produced CD." He continued playing gigs and teaching. And digging ditches.

In 2000 he released "Scrawny". Richard Milne of WXRT in Chicago called it "A delicious collection of distinctly American music." Mark Guarino of Chicago's Daily Herald said "'s the finest collection of songwriting I've heard in a long time." He toured more extensively- Midwest, East, South.

He borrowed a banjo and co-founded swamp-billy band Dick Smith. They released 4 CDs and developed a hardcore little following. Their record "Smoke Damage" (2002) was one of Acoustic Guitar Magazine's top 3 indy releases of the year.

Ramont then stepped away from music for a few years. But at the end of 2009 -flying in the face of recession- he released the sprawling double CD "Taw", polished his 1967 Gibson J-50 and began playing out again. Performing Songwriter Magazine said "Differentiating oneself in the burgeoning field of alternative-country artists is a tricky proposition these days, but Dave Ramont stands tall in the crowd."

His song "I Wanna Marry A Waitress" was chosen to appear on "Blooming-Tunes 2010", a songwriter compilation released out of Bloomington, IN. He had 2 songs featured on the 2011 record "Made In Aurora", a compilation of Chicago area songwriters/bands. (First pressing sold out.)

In 2012 Dave's writing songs for a new record, gigging, and working again with Dick Smith. And he, enjoys kicking stuff down the street now and again.


As The Table Turns....

As the world starts to get back to vinyl, playing those records on the old, kept in the attic, turntable that you, or Dad, bought back in the 70's or 80's, can pose a challenge, or two or three.

In the first place, turntables, and their components, do not like to sit around idle for long, and certainly not, for years on end. If the unit is a belt-drive, well, that belt has probably dry-rotted by now, or has certainly lost all of its elasticity and your 45rpm record will sound like it was pressed at 78rpm instead. Or, the needle has been mangled, broken or contains an ounce of foreign matter that can not be removed.

Kiss The Sky may have your solution. In addition to carrying Audio Technica turntables, we also carry needles and cartridges made by the same 60 year old American electronics company known for their craftsmanship, service and support.

The AT-LP60 is a beautiful sounding entry level turntable that will put any of those cheaply made Crosley's to shame, not to mention, the entry level Sony and Ion turntables. It comes in both USB and non-USB models. In addition, Audio Technica makes a very nice, and affordable, mid-line turntable that matches the highly coveted Technics 1200 in design and construction, but at half the price.

The AT-LP120 comes with a very nice high quality needle and cartridge combination, along with USB connections and ripping software, that will enable you to convert your analog record into digital files for your computer or mobile device, or to be burnt onto a compact disc.

All Audio Technica turntables have built in phono preamps that can be turned on or turned off depending upon your need. If you are connecting your turntable to a computer, or a set of powered speakers, or via the auxiliary input on your receiver that does not have phono inputs, that phono preamp provides you with the proper line level allowing the signal from the turntable to be broadcast and heard.

In addition to the line of Audio Technica turntables, we also have a random sampling of used turntables available for purchase, as well as used receivers and stereo speakers. We also carry M-Audio Studio Monitor powered spearkers: The AV40 (pictured to the left) and AV30.

Analog is where it's at ... MP3 files are not! Come on in and hear the difference.